Dear Spinsters, (Vol II)

In the first volume of Dear Spinsters we talked about removing fuckboys from the Spinster Lifestyle. In volume II we will discuss something to add into your Spinster Lifestyle.

Volume II: Solo Activities

A necessary ingredient in the recipe of the Spinster Lifestyle is solo activities. Let’s face it, if you pursue the Spinster Lifestyle you must be aware that it comes with a fair amount of independence. You are going to be spending some time alone. Spending time with yourself is important, and necessary. Just don’t completely shut yourself off from the world or become lonely. That is not the goal. The goal is to become fearless, independent, and fierce. Because you are THAT bitch.

Here are a few things I would like to challenge you to do solo and don’t bow out before you’ve completed them:

  1. See a concert alone.
  2. Table for 1 at your favorite restaurant.
  3. Attend some sort of festival or event solo.
  4. Ticket for 1 at the movies.
  5. Attend a fitness class by yourself.

Do some of these sound scary? Fuck yes they do! I have done all of these by myself and it is fucking empowering and essential to the Spinster Lifestyle. Now get your salty (cute) ass up and start going solo!

Let’s recap the current recipe for the Spinster Lifestyle:

Remove all fuckboys

Add solo activities

Are you keeping up? Then add some extra salt. Always keep it extra salty my fellow Spinsters.



find your people.

Find the people that make you feel alive. Find the people that make you feel anything is possible. Find the people that believe in the good of others. Find the people that want to be better. Find the people that want to see you succeed. Find the people that challenge you. Find the people that support your dreams. Find the people that lift you up when you are at your lowest. Find the people that don’t always agree with you, but respect you nonetheless.

Find these people. They are your people in this life. Can you think of anyone in your life that really embodies these qualities? If you can’t then maybe it’s time to reevaluate the people you choose to be in your life. This is your life and you deserve the best possible people in it. You literally do not have to be friends with someone you don’t like or someone that brings no value to your life. Look at your life, your goals, your dreams… are the people in your life adding value to your life? Are they encouraging you to be the best version of yourself? Are they cheering you on? Quality over quantity. Live your best life.


live your best life.

As of late I have been sort of a shut in. It is typical of me to be a “slam clicker” on work trips, but at home I have been quite the same. Sure, after a four day trip, plus my commute, I am utterly exhausted so I do spend some relaxing time at home for a day or so. But after two days I should be doing more enjoyable things. Why am I not living my life to the fullest? This seems to be a recurring theme in my life. This isn’t how it is supposed to be, especially in your late 20s.

I have been doing some things to feed my soul though, such as reading, cooking delicious meals for myself, and getting a workout in several times a week. All of those things are important and necessary to my personal well-being. However, it is not entirely balanced. My soul still seeks the unknown…and the adventure. I need more live music, drives to the coast, and a few hikes wandering through nature, just to name a few. Today I bought a ticket to see Michelle Branch next week and yes, I am going alone (no shame). Concerts are about the experience and the artist to audience connection. This is just what I need since I haven’t been to a show in a while. I also took a leap and purchased a ticket to the Tone It Up tour on September 13th in Seattle. If you’re not familiar with TIU, check out their website ( Basically they are two women who run a health and fitness empire.  I have been following their nutrition plan and workouts for the past eight weeks now and I have been feeing amazing. So I decided to go to their fitness festival on their tour, by myself (shocker). I am pretty excited! I am just not excited about waiting two months for it. If anyone wants to go with me, let me know! 

Essentially what I am trying to say is that I am trying to satisfy my soul more and really have the best life possible. I think we should all strive to live our best lives.




I am a brunette. I AM a brunette. I had to say it again because it didn’t feel real. Katie, are you seriously writing about your hair? Yes, yes I am. Changing this shade almost feels like a funeral. A life lost.

I changed to this shade of autumnal ginger before I moved to Portland to start a new life. A life free from apologies. A life of my own. A life of possibility. A life of freedom. Freedom to do and be what I wish. I feel as though every shade was a different version of me in this life. This red was the part of me that is unafraid, fearless, and bold. She knows who she is and what she wants out of life. She cannot be told what to do.

My red hair life was one of my favorites. Who is to say I won’t ever go back? I’m sure you may be asking yourself why I even wanted to change something I loved so dearly. Of all the lives I have lived, I cannot remember my brunette life. Granted, they were usually short lived. I’m not sure that it is good or bad that I cannot recall a life in that shade.

As much as I loved my fiery red, this color made me giddy. I couldn’t stop thinking about it over several weeks. Perhaps this shade of me is predictable, grounded, or mysterious. I am eager to find out. Just like my hair colors, we are ever changing in this life. We must always try something new on because we are ever evolving.


thoughts at B9.

How many times can you start over?

Is there a limit on a new beginning?

How many versions of ones self are we allotted?

Is it kind of like a cat with nine lives?

How many times must we die before we truly live?

I just want to live before I die.

I don’t even know how many versions of myself exist.