hi nyc, i’m katie.

I have romanticized New York City for as long as I could remember. I feel as though it is hard not to. It is featured in many shows, movies, and books. It was the center of my favorites, such as Sex & The City and Gossip Girl. NYC seems so alive, cultured, and charming. In two days I will finally be there. But Katie, you’re a flight attendant, you could have flown there anytime you wanted. Correct. However, getting paid to go is kind of better. Also, going this year just seems right. I vowed to myself this year that I would do more of what I wanted to do. NYC is on that list and I’m happy to finally experience its magic. I am lucky enough to have TWO layovers this month. Give this girl a slice of pizza, a quality cup of coffee, and architecture to admire. NYC, I can’t wait to meet you.



Keep doing things that feed you mind, body, and soul. Today I made time to nourish my body with a healthy breakfast. Lately I have been obsessed with ezekiel toast topped with guacamole and an egg. Following breakfast I took the time to get ready. I chose pieces that make me feel good. I put a little extra highlighter on just because. I chose a lipstick shade that makes me feel happy.

Today I was going to one of my favorite second hand stores in Portland…Artifact: Creative Recycle. I always find delightful treasures there and pieces of clothing, bags, and accessories that speak to me. Perhaps I just really needed some retail therapy. Or perhaps I just really wanted to thank and treat myself for my hard work over the past few weeks. Either way I found myself purchasing four items today: a black leather cross body bag with gold detailing, a mens black bomber jacket, a black/grey pair of high-waisted skinny jeans, and some flat brass earrings.

After Artifact I decided to walk a bit and roam the neighborhood. I always love admiring the houses around Portland. They are all so unique and lovely. I am a sucker for one with a great porch out front. It was a tad rainy outside but that comes as no surprise for Portland. Today also called for some comfort food so I popped over to Waffle Window for a half portion of their chicken and waffle with maple syrup. Half portion because I still have health and fitness goals to achieve. However, you still need to indulge sometimes. It was as good as I remembered.

I walked around a little more before heading home. It was a somewhat short outing but it was very much needed. Plus, I had to get home to complete my workout for the day. I really enjoy my workouts and this time I have to myself. This time feels purposeful. This time is when I can prove my strength. This time is part of my self-love routine. Some people cannot workout at home, and I get that completely. It’s hard to workout when you’re home and just want to relax. However I set up a special space in my room for my workouts and I really carve out the time to get it done. I am comfortable in my room and I like working out there.

Maybe you can start to think about the things you enjoy that feed your mind, body, and soul. Are they anything like mine? Have you done them lately? Never throw your self-love and self care to the wayside. It is important. You are important.


she is me.

my mind has not been this clear in such a long time. it is no longer clouded with the uncertainty. january is more than half over and i am loving the new year. i can say i am truly happy right now. i feel like the real me. she is trying. she is bold. she is confident. she is me.



set your intentions.

It’s a new year which means new goals. I did not set resolutions this year but intentions. My intentions are set and in writing. I want these intentions to manifest themselves, but that still comes with hard work, and struggles even. Of course I plan to work on myself, in many aspects… physically, mentally, and spiritually. What are your 2018 intentions?