I am a brunette. I AM a brunette. I had to say it again because it didn’t feel real. Katie, are you seriously writing about your hair? Yes, yes I am. Changing this shade almost feels like a funeral. A life lost.

I changed to this shade of autumnal ginger before I moved to Portland to start a new life. A life free from apologies. A life of my own. A life of possibility. A life of freedom. Freedom to do and be what I wish. I feel as though every shade was a different version of me in this life. This red was the part of me that is unafraid, fearless, and bold. She knows who she is and what she wants out of life. She cannot be told what to do.

My red hair life was one of my favorites. Who is to say I won’t ever go back? I’m sure you may be asking yourself why I even wanted to change something I loved so dearly. Of all the lives I have lived, I cannot remember my brunette life. Granted, they were usually short lived. I’m not sure that it is good or bad that I cannot recall a life in that shade.

As much as I loved my fiery red, this color made me giddy. I couldn’t stop thinking about it over several weeks. Perhaps this shade of me is predictable, grounded, or mysterious. I am eager to find out. Just like my hair colors, we are ever changing in this life. We must always try something new on because we are ever evolving.


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