thoughts at B9.

How many times can you start over?

Is there a limit on a new beginning?

How many versions of ones self are we allotted?

Is it kind of like a cat with nine lives?

How many times must we die before we truly live?

I just want to live before I die.

I don’t even know how many versions of myself exist.



me + fall = 4ever

I long for the days of rain and thunder. I wish for the return of the clouds. I miss the sound of the rain against my window. I was not made for the summer. It does not suit me at all. Give me 60 degree weather and a cozy sweater any day. The sun is so unforgiving. How I loathe the summer days that most people seem to crave. Give me blankets made of cotton and hot chocolate sprinkled with cinnamon. Give me a cool autumn breeze with air so crisp. I long to see leaves of amber and orange dancing in the streets. Summer, oh summer, you are just not for me.



Where do you get your self-confidence from? I recently read an article via Belletrist that is sent to my email. Emma Roberts was interviewing Gabourey Sidibe about her new book. In that interview Gabby recalls times when she is asked about how she can be so confident based solely on her appearance. “They don’t ask men where they get their confidence, they don’t ask classically beautiful girls where they get their confidence from, they’re asking me because they don’t understand it.” 

What she said there really struck my interest. And it is true. I think there is a social stigma around someone who may not be the most thin or most beautiful, in terms of what society deems acceptable or “normal”. Why is it so difficult to understand how or why they could have self-confidence? We are all worthy of it. Granted not everyone seems to possess self-confidence. We are all not confident all of the time either.

But really, what makes you feel confident? What really does it for you? I think for me, lately, it has been mostly contributed to working out. I think that definitely helps. Picking out an outfit I am excited to wear makes me feel confident. My skincare routine is another one. I think actively taking care of your skin can boost it. Maybe you can relate to these as well. If not, they may be worth trying. No one really needs to know what makes you most confident except for you. I think it is important to ask yourself the question and keep doing the things that make you feel the best. Keep on living your best life!