It is 1:12am and I am sorting through my makeup. This is the third time I have gone through it, overall. I find myself throwing away foundations I have not used in months and old eyeshadows that are likely expired because you don’t remember when you bought them. I see makeup brushes I never use. I see the same red lipstick multiple times. “No, they’re not the same”, she screams. How did I let this obsession take over me? I hardly wear much makeup anymore and I use a lot of the same products daily. So why do I have more than I need? I ask myself that question a lot, in more aspects than just beauty products. My stock is becoming less and less. I don’t want countless drawers full of lipstick. I don’t need ten foundations. Why does anyone have more than one or two eyeshadow palettes? Why do I need so many nude lipsticks? The cool tones. The warm tones. Throw them away, only keep what is necessary. I remember when I used to think a full face of makeup was beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, it is still beautiful, but I don’t think it makes me beautiful. I embrace the skin tints that still let my imperfections peek through. I like my skin to look like skin. Your flaws are beautiful. I am not bashing makeup. I love makeup, always have. I am just embracing the evolution taking place in me…the me at 1:32am that is throwing out makeup because it does not make up me.


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