california nights.


I love seeing friends on work layovers. They are usually too short-lived, but fun nonetheless. Saturday night I got to meet up with Ciara. She is an amazing photographer, hand-lettering genius, and all around good person. She picked me up from my hotel and we headed to Santa Monica to eat some amazing pizza. We indulged at 800 Degrees Pizza on margherita pizza and cabernet. It was some of the best margherita pizza I have had since Italy, so that says A LOT. Following dinner we headed to Third Street Promenade to do some light shopping. I spotted a Nasty Gal store and we went in. There were “Entire Store 50% Off” signs plastered everywhere. We obviously couldn’t resist. I have always loved Nasty Gal but could never really afford it or bring myself to spend that much money on a single piece of clothing. I made out like a bandit with two sweatshirts, a sweater, and a choker. I am obsessed with one of the sweatshirts (pictured above). It says “freak-a-leak” and it is so comfy! I got it for about $24…so worth it! I didn’t get much sleep that night so work the next day kind of sucked, but I am happy I got to see a good friend. My life demands a lot of travel in my life and I don’t always get to enjoy layovers, but I am glad I could enjoy this one and on a Saturday no less.


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