2330 thoughts.

It is 11:30pm (or 2330 in my world) and I have watched far too much Netflix. Is that possible? Oh yes, one can certainly exhaust all of Netflix and feel as though there is nothing left to watch (although completely untrue). Although I did actually end of having strep throat. So I wasn’t necessarily allowed to rejoin the world until I was on antibiotics. I really had no choice but to self-medicate on Netflix for almost another week. I made it halfway through season four of Grey’s Anatomy in that time. Impressive, no? I have managed to clean my room as well. I also managed to completely destroy it, then clean it again. A vicious cycle I know very well. I am constantly torn between keeping a routine and destroying it. Too much routine bores me. Too much routine makes me anxious. Too much routine is just so mundane. But too little routine can be complete chaos. I am always striving for the balance of it all. Do you ever feel like you simultaneously have it together and are a mess? Welcome to the club. It comes with a special membership, but don’t tell anyone, okay? Some days I am the epitome of having it together. I ate vegetables, I took vitamins, I cleaned, I parallel parked perfectly, I was productive, etc. Other days I am quite the opposite. I ate breakfast at 1400 (2pm, keep up), I threw clothes all over my floor, I ran over a pothole, I spilled coffee on my white sheets, etc. We all have these days, either of those days. Life is messy. We are messy. Hell, my room is kind of messy right now. Some days I kind of like not having it together, but within reason. It reminds me that I am human and, in a way, it keeps life interesting. It isn’t always the most fun, but sometimes it is entertaining.


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