Are My Late 20s Changing Me?


For the majority of my adulthood I have had long hair. I have just always preferred it. I felt as though long hair was a luxury at times considering some people cannot even get their hair to grow past their shoulders. Long hairstyles always looked so glamorous and feminine to me. Roughly five or six weeks ago I cut off a significant amount of hair. I am not sure how many inches exactly, but I know it was well over six. Yesterday I went back and cut off another two inches or so. I let my hairdresser cut it this short with little to no regret to my decision.

A few years ago cutting my hair more than a trim was a completely wretched idea. I would never have allowed it. I think I sort of enjoyed the lack of change. So why am I suddenly so into short hair? Perhaps this sort of security blanket needed to be let go. I do not feel as though I have experienced such great loss. I honestly feel more like myself than ever in my twenty seventh year of life. Are my late 20s already changing me? I have heard that once you make it in to your 30s that most people feel so secure in themselves and truly know who they are. I feel as though your late 20s are the intro to that discovery and sureness. I wonder what other discoveries I will make over the last few years of my 20s.



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