New Orleans Playover.

“We wander through old streets, and pause before the age stricken houses; and, strange to say, the magic past lights them up.” – Grace King, French Quarter Guidebook


I have been to New Orleans at least four times and only once have I been able to go explore. My layovers never seem to be long enough. I somehow scored twenty long hours in New Orleans for this trip. Lucky me!

It was a Thursday night and I arrived in Nola around 5pm. Even though I worked three flights to get here, I am ready for some adventure. I even arranged it so my friend from Las Vegas could meet me there so we could have a mini girls trip. I stepped off the plane and found her in the airport and to the hotel we went. We indulged on some happy hour appetizers provided by the hotel. We also indulged in some very strong bourbon cocktails provided by me. By that time it was only 7:30pm. The night is young and so are we. We are only a twenty minute drive away from the action. I was ready for some drinks, beignets, and an all around good time.

I was actually delightfully surprised by the weather. The forecast called for rain but there wasn’t even a cloud in sight. It was a mere 60 degrees and hardly felt humid at all. Suffice it to say that it was perfect.

I love the energy on Bourbon Street. This city is alive! Bourbon Street has it all, from karaoke bars, jazz music, 3 for 1 beer specials, amazing food, and streets filled with people from all walks of life. We ended up hitting a few bars that night including Channing Tatum’s Saints & Sinners bar. It is, of course, equipped with a stripper pole and a portrait of the man himself. I was very excited to be able to visit Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo because I am such a huge fan of American Horror Story: Coven.  I am so into all types of  witchcraft and find it so enthralling. I really wanted to get a reading while I was there, but $60 seemed like way too much for my skepticism. We then ventured over to Cafe Du Monde. If you’re not familiar with this place they are well known for their coffee and beignets. If you have never tasted a beignet from New Orleans then I am truly sorry for your loss. You NEED to eat one of these before you die. Trust me.

Friday morning we ventured out to see the house used in AHS Coven known as Buckner Mansion. The house is huge and looked so majestic. I love the way the old houses look in New Orleans. They have such character and rich history. They also have such beautiful craftsmanship. It wasn’t the most exciting thing to see in the world but I am happy to have been able to see it. I mean, I was already in New Orleans so why not?

I highly suggest that everyone take a trip to New Orleans. You won’t regret it. The city is full of great music, amazing food, and some very hospitable people. I feel lucky to have experienced New Orleans in my lifetime, even though I have only seen a small fraction.


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