Me + Netflix = Forever.

My Netflix account is a cross of romantic comedies and horror films. It is really just synonymous to my actual love life…aka hilarious, but dead…very dead. Although dead, my life is a lot less complicated. I am only required to make choices for one. How selfish of me (insert sarcasm here).

I have been told several times that I need to “jump back into dating”. I forced myself into the dating scene before. In doing so doesn’t mean you’re going to come out of it fulfilled and with a boyfriend. Sure, you get the dating experiences and practice, but at what cost? You sacrifice some of your time, hours getting ready, and empty calories from all of those cocktails. Serial dating isn’t worth it, in my opinion. I tried online dating and I didn’t enjoy it. It was an interesting experience to say the least. I felt like majority of those guys weren’t actually looking for a relationship though. I received countless dick pics from men. Once you send me a dick pic, consider me no longer interested. Guys nowadays send those pictures at the most bizarre times. One time I was mid conversation with a guy (not talking sexual at all) and he throws in a picture of his penis. I was completely turned off and that conversation was over. I do, however, explain to them why I don’t want to receive those but it doesn’t seem to help in most cases.

Call me foolish but I am still waiting for my “meet cute”. I want to meet someone organically, not online scrolling and swiping endlessly. Until that day comes I will continue my great relationship with my Netflix account.


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