48 hours ago.

Ironically enough my late 20s only started 48 hours ago. Although my mid 20s just ended, I feel as though those experiences and lessons got me to my late 20s…not only chronologically speaking, but also emotionally. Everything I learned (and fucked up) has set up the foundation for this time in my life. Yes nearing 30 is scary, but I am also pretty excited about it. I feel as thought we shouldn’t fear getting older but embrace it. Looking back I was slightly terrified of getting older, but now I am thankful for the growth. I am surely damn thankful I am not the person I was in my early 20s. If you cannot grow and become a better person in these formidable years, then you’re doing life wrong. I’m not saying you need to change or become someone you’re not. I am simply saying that a personal evolution should take place. When you look back at how far you’ve come from 20 until current, I hope you can feel proud and acknowledge the change(s). Overall I am happy with who I have become up until now. Could some changes be made? Sure! But I can tell you, I have never felt more like myself. Cheers to the late 20s and all that it brings.


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